Yesterdays peace and quiet

It was a busy day yesterday, in a good way. I am still meeting new groups of young people as I work my way round all the work we do at IntegrateYFC as part of my ongoing induction.  Yesterday I met a brilliant lot in one of the schools we work in and then it was off to another village where I have taken over running an after school club. It’s all boys and they love to be outdoors and active (who wouldn’t) so after the usual few rounds of “kick the bucket” we then played egg catch… does what it says on the tin, the winning pair are the ones who can throw and catch their egg without it smashing 🙂

In the mix of it all I get to hear about their lives, the good and the difficult and we endeavour to help them negotiate things in a healthy way, all the time doing all we can to express the tangible love of God to them. It was a good evening.

Having washed the egg of the church path and put the Xbox and everything else away, I paused in the evening light and was treated top a moment of peace and joy… it really is good doing what you were made to do.


2 thoughts on “Yesterdays peace and quiet

  1. hahaha!! omw i do know kick the bucket!!! how stunning. I really love this picture. God is everywhere. I LOVE your blog!! I’m a new fan!! Pls do check out mine… xxx

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