House buying, prejudice and a sign of the times.


I am still angry.  We have had a lot of people view our house, but no bites, and a couple of days ago we got some feedback from the estate agent. Most people like our house, but they don’t like the area. I had my suspicions, I could feel people withdrawing once they discovered that we have council houses either side of us. (We live in a street of semi’s, some owned, some council).

But hang on a minute.

We live in a nice street. There hasn’t been ANY crime our end of the street all year, our house isn’t overlooked at the back and we are opposite the end of houses for another street…

crime stats august

We have a lovely library at the end of our road, we are on a good bus route to town.  You get the idea.

More importantly, those council house tenants we live next to? A single lady who works full time and has her grandchildren round, the other side, a lovely retired man. But they live in council houses.

What have we done? what have we allowed our press and our government to do? Spewing out all that hate and prejudice towards the poor. And this is the outcome. People wont buy a house where there are council houses because of their appalling attitude towards anyone who might be “those kind of people”.

Now don’t get me wrong, poor areas can breed bad areas. We used to live in an area where we saw the police every week. There was a drug related murder in the street behind us two weeks before we moved to the house we are now in. but then in the past I have lived in a very nice area thank you, and the house we rented was next door to an alcoholic with two out of control rottweilers.

Seriously, the only difference between rich and poor areas it that in rich areas they live in detached houses so you can’t hear the violence next door.

How did we get to be a country where those in most need are demonised to such an extent? I would like to say there is some sort of happy ending to this post, but there isnt. We live in the kind of country where people wont buy a house in a lovely area, with nice people, on a quiet street, because some of those people happen to live in council houses.

We should be ashamed.


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