You are never too old to draw with crayons

The seriousness of life

it can get you down

or just lurk

masquerading as proper grown up behaviour

no room for a dinosaur onsie

or missing the cracks as you walk down the pavement.

In the middle of the lie,

Called acting your age,

there is no room for wonder-in-the-moment…

Break out, live now, before the moment passes!

Watch a snail make its progress down the path,

look up as clouds pass you by,

buy clam shell ice cream from the Mr Whippy van

and never mind the ice cream running over your fingers.

But most of all,

and please don’t  forget,

you are never too old to draw with crayons.


One thought on “You are never too old to draw with crayons

  1. but life is cruel,
    and with age,
    she demands more and more,
    more time,
    Though the sky is blue,
    though clouds float in shapes unimagined,
    waiting for projection of shape form my mind,
    those precious moments
    that time devoted to their discovery
    has been taken,
    devoted to raising crop
    and patching roof,
    and soothing lagging spirit
    of child and spouse.

    I still see the crayon,
    but that canvas,
    that door to an unbridled world
    of innocent childhood artful expression,
    had been taken from my grasp
    by the cruel,
    calloused hands of duty,
    and has been passed
    to my children,
    as I toil
    to better their lives.

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