Photos and thanks 31_08 to 06_09_2013

I have been away with work the last week, and half my thanks is to do with that. It was a really encouraging week which has given me a good start to my job. I was particularly thankful to see young people coming to faith. I am also thankful to God for:

  • R getting a company car until we manage to move house
  • My dad not piercing his lung when he fell onto a brick wall and cracked is ribs
  • Time this weekend to go and see R’s family
  • Winning a free book by Peter Rollin from  Hodder Faith via facebook
  • Dear friends not forgetting us and sending nice things in the post

I am hoping the book will be a real place of learning for me. It is called “The Idolatry Of God – Breaking the addiction to Certainty and Satisfaction”  I am already on this journey, what with the difficulty of our house move – I have learnt to be content even through we have no clue what will happen or when. In the end I think life is a process of handing over ourselves to God, until all of it is truly his, the evidence being true contentment or peace, regardless of circumstance.

I managed to take a few photos while I was away, so they count as my photos of the day, and some of they beauty I saw, the rest being in the actions and words of the people I now work with and the young people I met this last week .











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