Photos and thanks 30_08_2013

Today I am thankful for the time to sit in a little slice of heaven, share it with the dog, and have time to think, pray and learn:



How is it that all the things I have been learning of late have been staring me right in the face? Ah well, better late than never.

We are trying to move house, and I find it all very unsettling. I would love to put roots down, and having moved 15 times in the last 20 years, it’s all a bit much.

It got me thinking. If home is where the heart is, what do I love? Well that’s easy, my husband, family, the garden, the dog, green spaces, books creativity and the work I do as a youth worker… and all this as an expression of my love for God.

But that’s a lot to move house with. I mean, I would just love to see the third year of my garden…

It was so much easier when I was a student, a poster on the wall, my duvet on the bed and I was home.
And there is the answer, right in front of my nose.

If I have less stuff, I will make home quicker. And then it won’t matter how long I am anywhere.

So the plants are staying in pots, the books are being culled and all the stuff I never use is going. And I am going to spend better time on the people I love. What about you…?
Where is your heart?

what is home for you?

Do you need to cull anything or spend more time on something?






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