fairtrade company responses

fairtrade company responses


One thought on “fairtrade company responses

  1. Wow – I’m really impressed you managed to obtain so many responses, and of such length, from all these enterprises. We at Equal Exchange (USA – not to be confused with our Fair Trade namesakes in Scotland) have been watching the Fair Trade movement globally since our own founding in 1986. Definitely some of the authentic Fair Traders have to include: Cafedirect, Traidcraft, Divine, Equal Exchange UK, TWIN, GEPA (Germany), Ethiquable (France), Alter-Eco (France), Altro-mercato (Italy), La Siembra (aka Camino – in Canada), Just Us! (Canada), Planet Bean (Canada), and Trade-Aid (NZ). But there are more for sure. (For now I’ll leave the US-based brands out of the picture).

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