Loving Jesus and the witness of ibenedictines

ibenedictineI am glad that the life of Christians called to monastic life has remained relevant to our present age. As such you can follow the  Benedictine nuns of Holy Trinity Monastery (Herefordshire) on Facebook and Twitter.

I had a look on their website (thank you Sr Catherine for pointing me in the right direction) and read about their typical day, and then followed the links and read St. Benedict’s Rule (RB).

It is a mighty thing to read.

It would be easy to get tangled in the parts which are not used today, (such as corporal punishment of boys) and miss it’s awesomeness. Particularly, the list of good works and what it has to say about humility.

Here is a picture of true allegiance, one that puts my faltering steps of faith, in the middle of the rush of life, worry and “stuff” to shame.  Although I am not called to monastic life, I feel deeply drawn the the beauty of a life filled with utter obedience to Jesus…  because he deserves that and more.

You only have to consider for a short while the personality of Jesus, his life, his words, to realise that this beautiful person, this amazing God really does deserve the kind of life, handed over, that RB describes.

I am challenged by the rule that nuns and monks own nothing, everything is shared.  I wonder what R and I’s house would look like if that were the case?

And then there is their times of worship and prayer.  I have at times, used daily offices such as “The Divine Hours” by Phyllis Tickle and  “The Rhythm of life” by David Adam, both of which have been a blessing… but I have lacked stickability…  perhaps it is time to try again.

The long and short of it is, whatever life you have, it reflects what you fill it with. I am glad that the Benedictine witness is readily available – their facebook page is a good place to start.


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