#371 – for my next trick

For Sunday Scribblings:


It’s circus out there.

you can see it in the street,

men acting like gorillas after a night in the pub

women sailing high on a trapeze of others compliments

It’s a high wire they tread.

It’s a circus out there,

all of us like ants to work we go

or fleas in a show never jumping higher

than the glass ceiling.


for my next trick,

I shall shed theses shallow expectations

and rise with my dreams

be the person I was created to be,

not the half measure of fear

but the free wheeling

sky dreaming

into the blue,

Free… me.

4 thoughts on “#371 – for my next trick

  1. I have taken a ‘high-flyer’ twice in my lifetime – each time with moderate success; but moderate is better than the dull nil of unambitious stagnation.

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