Starting from scratch

Martin Saunders new book makes a valuable contribution to youth work:


YouthWorkfromScratch CovIf you’re not utterly fatigued by Internet self-promotion, then could I take a moment to tell you a bit about my new book, Youth Work from Scratch?

This has been a real labour of love for me. I was struck by a stat I read in Dr Peter Brierley’s book ‘Pulling out of the nosedive’ a few years ago, which revealed that around half of the UK’s churches still don’t do any work with teenagers at all. When you get to age 14, the numbers get even lower. Now, when the church is by far the UK’s biggest provider of youth work, that’s bad news for young people, let alone for the the future of the church.

So, driven by a passion to see more churches take on the challenge of reaching out to young people, I’ve written this really, really practical book. It takes you from the planning…

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