The first five days of a book of sparks

I am finding my journey with a book of sparks to be a real encouragement.  For a start, it doesn’t have a to do list at the end of each chapter, which to begin with unnerved me a little, but I have found it has caused me to engage with what is being said for longer,rather than going tick tick tick, done… and forgetting it all.

There have been a few highlights for me over the past few days, and I thought I would share them with you:

The memory verse. When I read Mark 1:35, I thought, oh ok, Jesus spent time in prayer, yes, its another reminder that prayer is important. But then I stopped and read it slowly. That was when my mind opened, I could see Jesus getting up in the dark, suddenly awake with purpose, slipping out the house and receiving the solitude  full of his Father, with joy. I saw the difference in pace between the disciples rushing round in excitement and the depth of Jesus time in prayer. I saw him catching them up as he says its time to go to other places…  And I am in love with Jesus all over again.

A relationship with creativity. What a blessing this chapter was, especially Lambert’s honesty. Having been a Christian youth worker for many years, I have seen how it works for church leaders. Basically, the congregation expects them to be what they are not… and as there is a lot of them, that means they want their minister to be brilliant at everything. Is it any wonder that so many are fierce in their protection of their private lives? So this sharing of what creativity means really touched me, especially as it is a subject close to my heart. I left this chapter blessed and with hope.


The distortion of narcissism. This reminded me of the importance of proper accountability in our lives, having people who will tell you, in genuine love, if you are being an idiot.

I look forward to the days to come with a book of sparks.

Frozen heart I see

a cold spike of narcissism

Summer heat of love

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