Living in our choices

It has been a good day.

In fact, most days are, but its so easy to look at the negative. Lets face it, there is enough misery in the world to last a life time or more.  But life is a choice. Everyone has rubbish, some more than others and those with the most rubbish have to be the bravest to choose the positive.

It helps to remember that we give thanks, because God’s love endures forever. And as we approach Easter Day, it’s timely to remember that Jesus went through Good Friday… and it was his free-will choice. His Father didn’t make him, he did it out of love for us.

So it’s good to choose thanksgiving over bitterness, light in the face of Christ over despair at our own circumstances.

Which is why I have a new project – a little thanks everyday. The idea started growing this morning with the smile my morning photo brought:


And now I have made this book – it doesn’t matter if what I have to give thanks for is a cup of tea… I am determined to say thank you to Jesus each day:




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