The New Year approaches

It’s that time of year. The new year resolution, keep it till half way through January, time. I have all the usual desires for the new year, which pretty much boil down to spending my time more effectively and being a nicer person.

But my deepest desire is to be closer to God.

I’m reading “Christ plays in ten thousand places” by Eugene Peterson – its one of those read a paragraph, stop and think about it books. And it is fuelling my desire for a deeper spirituality.

So my 2013 commitments are:

1. Spending proper time with Jesus each day, praying, reading His word.

2. Doing house work more often than last year

3. Eating properly all the time and exercising each week


But I know, that for 2013 to be successful I must remember that “She who kneels before God can stand before anyone”

She who kneels before God




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