The last Rose of Autumn


Today’s photos are a visual representation of what’s been percolating through my thinking recently…

Sometimes faith is not very straight forward. There are things in my life right now that I am struggling with. Struggling to have any love or joy for. They feel like thorns.  I try to push on, but I just don’t have it, as the evenings close in, so do my feelings on it all.

So I am praying, “change my heart, Lord” because I know that circumstance isn’t really the point, but instead, the posture of my heart. Even in the approaching winter, God can grow new things. I long for His love and His joy to fill my heart and flow out into those things I presently struggle with.

My prayer is, that in His power I may be the last rose of autumn.

We find it so easy to believe in the love of God when its all sunshine and laughter, but when there is less light we are at risk of the temptation to blame God for the dark. But really it’s all just seasons of the heart.


4 thoughts on “The last Rose of Autumn

  1. Great post today. I agree that faith is hard to find in the difficult times + thats probably when you need it the most. I love, love your visual representation of your feelings. Hope all is well x

  2. love the images that go with your writing – this is so weird yours in the second post I’ve read today about dealng with difficult things, and they both speak to me. amazing, and thanks for sharing the journey. xo L.

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