I was very sad to see that the Church of England won’t be having women Bishops just yet, but cheered greatly by this response from Threescore to the news. Understanding Alice

jam and giraffes

You know that feeling when you take on a new job and you just hope that it starts as it means to go on and that you can get some great early results?

Ah. Smiled too soon.

It may be a tough road ahead, Justin, but I think we all knew that.

In the meantime, don’t fret about us women. We will go on running much of what happens in churches, supporting families and individuals, working out our own faith, crying on each others’ shoulders and finding reasons to look on the bright side. Even – dare I suggest – if we don’t belong to the C of E. Thankfully, God is not restricted to working through Anglican means, and the church in the UK is far larger than that. It is disappointing that tomorrow’s headlines will not do God any favours and may discourage people on the fringes of…

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