Everything changes but you.

I went to a funeral today. A family friend who lived to the ripe age of 89. Not bad, all things considered. And we know she is in a better place, safe with her maker.

But we will miss her all the same.

It of course reminds me of how nothing ever remains the same. At the eats after the funeral we were talking about how the place we all used to live has changed. Their garden gone, our house extended and made all posh – it didn’t even have central heating when we lived there.

And I’m 38 this week. My birthday has always been a time when I have reflected on my life, where it has been, where it might go. So as you can imagine, I’m feeling a little… wistful? Melancholy?  Actually I feel quite content as I type this evening.

The thing is, Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He is the Rock on which we stand.

Everything changes, but he remains the same.

His tender love, his purposes for our lives – whatever stage we are at. And thank God for that. Where would we be without the lighthouse of his nature in the storms of life? How could we celebrate the joys without the viewpoint the Rock of Ages  provides.

I am glad that one day Jesus will come to take me home, just as he has our friend.


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