AED Day 4 and #344 Heal

For Sunday scribblings and art every day month:

Like a little scratch slowly festering in my knuckle,

Anxiety slowly poisoned me

Each day a little weaker, a little less able,

Till all I could do

Was hide at home

My mind cried in pain.

But you are the God who heals.

Slowly and surely,

The prayers of friends

The love of your Spirit

The work of the doctor

And my desire to live,

Washed out the bile

Returned me to the light,

And caused the wound to heal.


8 thoughts on “AED Day 4 and #344 Heal

  1. Some say, “If God brings you to it, God will get you through it…” But don’t underestimate the power of antibiotics in this scenario. The beauty of prayers from others is that it gives them something meaningful to do for you when they feel powerless to do anything else. I believe strongly in the power of meditation, prayer, all spiritual paths – just not without including the doctors God also created! Peace, and if this was a true story, I’m so glad it turned out well. Amy

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