#342 – Upgrade

We have more than we ever had,

food for the eating,
medicine for the healing,
clothes for fashion
any electrical good
you could desire…

So our mobile phones will be unpacking the shopping
as well as buying it.
And always there is, the upgrade.

But I wonder, what with more and more
we seem to have less and less…

Less conversation,
Less true connection.

Less love of people instead of stuff
all of us a commercial product
of the church of advertising.

Perhaps we need a retrograde.

8 thoughts on “#342 – Upgrade

  1. Ira Levin in his futuristic novel "This Perfect Day" had subversives scrawl "Fight Uni" everywhere to combat the universal control over peoples lives. Being on my own again, I don't want all this stuff, and I don't want fruit and vegetables artificially enlarged, or meat packed in family packs or dubious bargains when I buy bigger or more. I hate newspapers for poor language skills and sloppy journalism. I don't want to know about the lives and antics of stars, starlets or wannabees. TV is no longer a vehicle to entertain but to coerce you into spending. We have been groomed for many years to be the ultimate consumers. It is time to "Fight Uni"! Yes, retrograde sound good.

  2. Whoa, you go Old Egg! Ditto! And going back knowing what we know now would be nice, so while we’re waiting for that to happen… I sure do hope billions of folks watch “The Story Of Stuff” video. I saw it a couple of years ago and it gave me a mentality overhaul. When you buy stuff you have to ask, where’s it going to go? If not recycle, into the ground? If so, how long will it take to break down? It’s scary.

  3. I feel that what you say is true worldwide, and yet I don't feel it's true in my neighbourhood, where there's still a great 'village' feel. But I certainly agree about 'stuff'! I'm trying to whittle mine down.

  4. I'm trying to weed a lot of stuff out of my life, as well. I detest clutter! I agree that a good deal of social media is phony. I think it makes some people feel more depressed and lonely, but I've enjoyed meeting many nice folks this way. It's not all bad. Very thought provoking piece!

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