#340 – Retreat

For Sunday Scribblings

As a Christian, going on retreat is a very special time where I can truly stop and spend quality time with the most important person in my life: Jesus. But the luxury of these times is very rare. Fortunately, my dear friend, Lord and Saviour is ever generous in the kindness of his friendship:

Here I am
a cold blustery day,
the dog pulling on the lead
and me in need
of another tissue,
to catch the sneeze
as my body tries to push out
a rotten cold.

When suddenly the sky looks,
achingly beautiful.
The wind,
a gentle touch
and HE is ever close…
my heart warmed with love,
A retreat in the moment.


6 thoughts on “#340 – Retreat

  1. I came back to this post after reading it yesterday and it certainly has a lot of assurance written into it. I was surprised that no one had commented on it and very few of your previous posts had either. This was sad for me as the warmth in your messages of faith was very comforting. Personally I would start getting the hammer and gong out but that is clearly not your style. I'll keep in touch.

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