And here we are today

I sometimes wonder what my blog is for – you know, you’re meant to have focus in order to get followers and all that. And oh how I would love to write for a living. Well, half a living, I could never give up youth work 🙂

I have discovered though, that as far as this blog goes, its focus is now, this moment, today.

Whatever is on my heart, that’s what I write about here.

I’m reading Under the unpredictable plant by Eugene Peterson at the moment – it is a profound book in so many ways. He talks about the importance of attending the actuality of the present, of witnessing this life, as it is, not what’s coming, but what’s going on right now.

It’s in the right now we see the life of Jesus working though people’s lives with stories of forgiveness, redemption and healing.

For every destructive story, there is a redemptive one, take these examples from this weeks blogosphere, talking about faith and depression:



And redemption is the point. CS lewis says:

“The Future is, of all things, the thing least like eternity. It is the most temporal part of time–for the Past is frozen and no longer flows, and the Present is all lit up with eternal rays.” 
― C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

So its today we look for eternity, today we look for love and Christ’s redemption in the world, because where are we? We are here today.


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