A little slice of heaven

There is nothing like walking the dog in the woods. The other day we did the full length of the woods, which is twice what we had done before… and back again. Four times the amount of heaven as usual.

The Jewish people in Jesus’ time considered the temple as the place where heaven and earth met, and that the temple in Jerusalem was a copy of the heavenly one.

I think they have a point. Except for me the joining place is in the woods. I  suspect that they are an earthly copy of a part of heaven. 

As we walk through them (the dog and I) looking at leaves and mushrooms, shady corners that look like they might be doorways to somewhere fantastic, bird song, squirrels, dappled light, interesting tree roots and green green green… I can feel the presence of God so very close. 

It’s no wonder the pagans of old mistook creation for the creator. I feel the life of the Spirit pulsing though all I see. I see the master strokes of Jesus worked out in the things he has made.

I come home with a little slice of heaving in my heart.


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