New Year, new goals

Predictably, i have made new year resolutions, but this year with renewed passion – while looking for things to bless the young people I mentor I cam across this site which helps you write a personal mission statement:

Live with purpose

And I have added to it some SMART goals… which are now my resolutions:

  • Read two chapters of Systematic Theology each Thursday and discuss it with others
  • Read morning prayers and pray for others before breakfast each day (and get up early enough to do it)
  • Do “small exercises” each morning and choose cycling over the car where possible
  • Cook at least one new recipe each week and go back to blogging about it
  • Write one other personal blog post each week
  • Don’t eat between meals unless it it raw fruit or veg and don’t buy rubbish from the co-op however bored or fed up I am.
  • Spend time in the garden at least once a week
  • Keep up knitting/weaving – do some each week
  • Have “date night” with R – preferably each week
  • Have people over for dinner once a month
I even have a little chart I can tick each week in order to review how I am doing.

Now this may all sound a bit contrived or restrictive, but I have learnt a simple truth:

We either live the life we want or we don’t.

And this year I really want to live, not just get by. Lists and goals aren’t everyones cup of tea, but in my ever busy life they help me achieve the things I want in life, and strangely create more space and time rather than less – perhaps the intentional list’s most precious quality is the banishing of procrastination.

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