A story of restoration

Once there were three sisters – Suffering, Sin and Disappointment and they lived together in a little terrace house on the outskirts of town.

One day, the postman brought the three sisters an invitation from the King, inviting them to a party.

But Suffering said “this can’t be for me, I have suffered such illness loss and desertion, I can’t imagine that God loves me given all that has happened.

And Sin said “I have done so many wrong and selfish things in my life, how could the King possibly look at me now?”

Finally Disappointment said “This couldn’t possibly be for me, all the things I have ever hoped for, children, a secure job, a safe marriage and faithful friends, they have all passed me by, I can’t imagine this is for me”

So the three sisters left the invitation on the mantelpiece and carried on with their lives.

A week passed and there was a knock on the door – Suffering opened the door to find the King himself standing there! Amazed the three sisters invited him in and this is what he said to them.

I know that life has weighed you down and caused you to feel that I live a long way from you, but you will find that I am not at all far away. So that you can come to my celebration I am going to restore your true names to you.”

The King stood up and took Suffering’s hand and said “follow me, for in me your name is Compassion. You may have had to walk a hard road, but I will always walk with you”.

And turning to Sin, the King took her hand and said ”follow me, for your name is forgiveness. For all that you have done in the past will be washed away when you come to me”

Finally the King took disappointment’s hand and said “follow me, for your name is new hope. You may not have gained all those things you have longed for but I will give you, life to the full”

So Compassion, forgiveness and new hope put on their best clothes and went with the King to His great celebration.


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