Our actions, a window into our beliefs

Anyone vaguely interested in Rob Bell could not have missed the storm over his present book. Having read it, I would say he I appreciate his view of what heaven is like, but as to what he says about who might or might not get there… I don’t know. He certainly calls us all to think about our faith more deeply, whether we agree with him or not.
And there is something else. I think his book raises a deeper question about what we actually believe about God. Because all our beliefs have consequences. They are the genesis of our actions.
It goes like this:
for example, I believe that the “Earth is the Lords and everything in it” this changes my perception of the natural world and people which causes me to want to be involved in environmental and social justice issues. this week that is manifesting itself in two actions – reading Consumer Detox and hopefully buying (and eating) this fairtrade Easter Egg đŸ™‚
The book is having a big impact on me and I can see it taking me through several more cycles as it changes what I believe about the world around me, and myself.
All this means of course, if we want to know what we truly believe about the world, rather than what we would like to believe, all we have to do is examine our actions.



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