#262 – befuddled

AusgeschwaermtImage via Wikipedia
It seems like there is so much
It leaves me befuddled.
All I want to do
is find you again
and for my head 
to hurt less
all these whys and how comes
buzzing round my head
like the swarm of bees
I once walked in on 
in a past house mates room.
I know you are love
the one who calmed angry seas
perhaps you might do that

in me.

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13 thoughts on “#262 – befuddled

  1. Such a poignant prayer…unexpected at the end like that, but it touched something in me that I needed today…life is swarming around this part of the world too.

  2. Disturbance and disquiet is what I felt here..and yet bees are ordered..they quietly work away and find answers..and they are always looked after by the Queen..Jae

  3. Forget about the buzziness of bees and walk down to the well and perhaps meet a stranger there that will offer you living water to make your life worthwhile.

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