#257 – Raw

We travel with a smile
all alike
in getting on and doing
in loving and living
but we are the walking wounded
our healing in the hours
and the prayers.
But to some extent
its still all so raw.
All it takes is a
or for others
a friend’s marriage
or simple family life
or money to spend.
Will we hide behind
I’m fine
I had a great week thank you!
Or will we open a little the door to our hearts
so that the raw in the other
might know its not alone
so that those who walk wounded

don’t walk alone.

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13 thoughts on “#257 – Raw

  1. Ohh this was so good and so well executed. I especially liked "the walking wounded." So apropos to how all of us walk this journey in life because none of us walk it unscathed.

  2. Indeed we are the walking wounded, in bloggers I find that to be especially true. You've written well of it here… great piece!

  3. You speak (or write) about a very pervasive problem. I think there are so many people out there hurting, but hiding it from others, which keeps everyone suffering alone. Very thoughtful write. Thanks.

  4. This is a most touching poem which is even more poignant when reading "Lime Green Baby Grow". The pain is so intense but you never want it to go completely from your heart or will lose even more.

  5. The last line is very thoughtful and a careful expression so as to not cause inconvenience or hurt to others very touching!! "….the raw in the othermight know its not aloneso that those who walk woundeddon't walk alone. "

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