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In every eye
in every word
the meaning of each reaction
there is the story
of what has gone before
sometimes our hidden narratives
tangle with each other
knot us up in misunderstanding
but sometimes 
the beauty of our 
patchwork quilt of pasts
brings about
a richer

and end.

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11 thoughts on “

  1. I love the opening verse Alice..another insightful take on the prompt which gives hope that even the trickest 'patchwork' can lead to a positive story..Jae

  2. Alice,"the beauty of our patchwork quilt of pasts"I like that, it's new, fresh, imaaginative.Surely it can create a tapestry that tells an entertaining story.

  3. Isn't it interesting that the beginning, the middle and the end of a story each have a vital role to play for the reader in capturing, holding then satisfying them.Thank you for your take on this prompt.

  4. As one who is weaving a new story patched together from old lives, loves, and experiences, this poem speaks volumes beautifully! It is well written and I liked it very much!

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