Home is where the heart is

Home is where the Heart isImage by linda yvonne via Flickr
Buying a house is a tricky business. R and I are first time buyers and have just had our offer on a house accepted. Of course with these sorts of things its not done till its done – the house may yet prove to have something dire wrong with it.
But we have been dreaming in wallpaper all the same.
Of course Jesus didn’t say home is where the heart is, he said Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.  Its got me thinking about why it is my treasure is in having a home of our own – because that is certainly where my heart is right now.
Owning a home is no safer than renting – if you default you are out, and at least with renting someone else pays for the broken boiler, so it cant be security.
Its nice to be able to put a picture on the wall whenever you like without having to ask, but this seems no big deal to me, so it cant be autonomy.
I do however have a longing to stay put, put down roots, grow long term friendships and make the place I live in a warm, open welcoming place where people can meet the true owner of the house – Jesus.
So it is about community.

I left home 17 years ago and since then I have lived in 14 houses. My heart is  longing for something deeper, and I hope, in buying our own home R and I might find treasure.

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