#252 – Safe

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For Sunday Scribblings:

The road may be

dark and cold
bitter thorns pressing in
Light may fade
and night close around my heart
And all the world, grey for me
even in the same breath,
technicolour for everyone else.
My soul is safe
with you.
I know that night
is as day to you
that you provide,
manna in the desert
loaves and fishes
for the hungry of heart…
light for the journey
a colour palette for the weary

beauty instead of ashes.

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15 thoughts on “#252 – Safe

  1. He who believes the love of God knows he always safe. =) A truly beautiful poem. =)))I want to thank you for the visit and lovely comment on my blog. Yes, living hard times, I think one can be safe in a dream for the future, hope there is that future can be brighter.Take care and keep smiling. =)Kisses!

  2. "Light may fadeand night close around my heartAnd all the world, grey for meeven in the same breath,technicolour for everyone else."I think you captured there so well that feeling that we all at times have experienced.Beautiful. πŸ™‚

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