#251 – Eternity

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I could love you
for an eternity
in the small
and the large

in our laughter
and sillyness
in our pain
and wishing things
were different
I could love you
for an eternity
in our shared faith
and hope for the future
in our doubts
and fear in the now
I could love you
for eternity
every time I see
your tender care
and hear your words of love

I could love you for eternity.

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14 thoughts on “#251 – Eternity

  1. This is potentially a very beautiful poem. However I was concerned with the use of the conditional "could" rather than using "will". May I suggest, as mine appears to be first comment, to change it then scrub my comment? Or was it intentional?

  2. Sorry Alice, I thought I'd already left a comment..you have crafted yet another warm and heartfelt tribute to the 'one' you love..very assured writing..Jae

  3. Lovely poem 🙂 I always find writing about love difficult because sometimes there are just no words for the depth of emotion, but your writing says a lot! 🙂

  4. I never thought about putting eternity into a love poem. It goes hand in hand, doesn't it? Loving someone like this is what everyone strives for but no one wants to work at and fight for. Well done.

  5. appropriate as i wrote it for my husband – although we had an interesting conversation about "could" and "would" – interresting that it was a man – oldegg – who questioned it. R checked at "could" as well. I was once told you should always say "would you do this" to a man rather than "could you" interesting in this context dont you think?

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