Vegetable lasagne

Last lot of food for a bit…  We like our meat, but every now and then we get a hunger on for something veggie – so home made vegetable lasagne it is – or you can omit the cheese sauce for a milk free vegetable bake:
chop all the veg you fancy – fry things like carrots and onion first,
then add the rest and fry until it begins to go soft
I cooked aubergines separately so I could layer them, then the rest of the veg (then cheese sauce and lasagne)
Add some herbs to your veg,
then the tomato, and in the meantime,
make some white sauce and add the cheese:
then layer your veg, sauce and lasagne sheets and cook for about 50 minutes
yum 🙂
I like lasagne more than R does – he would give it a Foodie Cool Board rating of ok whereas I would give it a cool.
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