2011 here we come

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Its new year resolution time – I’m not immune to writing them, but perspective is everything. Its like that story of the blind man and the elephant – we all experience the world around us from the personal view point we have.
But what if I changed my view? What if I said of the difficult times, you are not a closed door, but an open one. What if instead of saying of the good times “this is it” I said onwards and upwards?
Life really is what you make it.
This last year, while doing youth work stuff in a lesson on matters of life and death, I got into a conversation with the class about how could God be good when life can make us so unhappy. I gave them an answer, and as I reflect on that moment I realise that how deeply I believe what I said will ultimately change the quality of  my life.
I said, if I thought the purpose of life was to be happy, I might be pretty fed up with God. But I don’t, I think the purpose of life is to worship God in every circumstance, and that, eventually will bring a more lasting joy regardless of circumstance.
As Forrest Gump’s wise mama said – Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

So my longing for 2011 is, that whether I get the best fudge or a yukky peanut brittle,  it might be for me, a true year of worship.
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