Twenty Four Seasons of the Heart – 11 & 12

WORTHING, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 02:  Pub si...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Kelly was finding the evening completely satisfying all round and she had meant what she said about John’s pictures, she found them beautiful, absorbing. 
John was beginning to feel photography snapping at the heels of running in his affections as he looked at one of Kelly’s photographs of the coast. She joined him, explaining how she had managed to get the final result through the use of four separate photographs and some dedicated time in photoshop. He hadn’t realised you could do so much, especially as his experience had been only with his camera and a touch of cropping – he could see a whole new world opening up.
Kelly found she was struggling to spread herself around everyone at the event, John’s enthusiasm causing her to loose track of time, but then Adam came to the rescue suggesting they met up at the pub afterwards and she left John chatting with Adam to attend other visitors.
He watched her go, and it was a minute before he realised Adam was talking to him about their next race.
As Adam locked the door to the church, Kelly finally had a chance to thank him for asking her to help, she had enjoyed the whole thing far more than she could ever have imagined. Adam cheerful as ever, waived off the thanks pointing out how up the creek he would have been without her, and then off to the pub they all went where Adams wife Clare was already waiting for them.
john filed in with the others as they entered the pub, giving Clare a kiss and then dragging Adam to the bar to get drinks.
They came back to the table and settled in, John asking Clare if she was coming to watch their next race.
“As it happens I can” Clare said explaining that she and Adam had managed to sort the Saturday staff at their farm shop so that they were both free for a change.

By the end of the evening all four of them had decided on the race followed by dinner at Adam and Clare’s, Kelly finding as she walked home that the warm hope of the last few weeks was taking long term residence in her heart.

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