Advent 2010 – 2

You can tell I haven’t been well – its actually the first day of Advent 3 today, so I am playing catch up. Anyway –  i have been reading the excellent blog Visual Theology and I wanted to share some of Dave’s posts with you.

But first, advent or adventus,  – the coming or arrival of Christ, our waiting for him… 
Our anticipation of him tends to centre around cards, presents, a tree, calendars and food. But the anticipation of Christs first advent can be seen in the longing expressed in Isaiah 35:1-7 and in the constant looking of the Hebrew people – its why as soon as John the baptist started doing prophetic things they asked him if he was the Christ – this is active longing. 
As we prepare for Christmas, and long for that second advent – what is it we are looking for? Something comfortable perhaps?  An easy and peaceful life?
Instead how about this from David Perry on what Christmas looks like.
And if what we see at Christmas is Gods powerful love turning up in all the painful, barbarous places in this world, surely our waiting should have a particular quality. Look what Jesus has to say in John 13:33-35
We are to wait by showing love and to make disciples, so that people are ready for his return. Jesus warns us about what it will be like for those unprepared for his return: Matthew 25:1-13

So as we prepare to remember Christ’s first coming to us, we also live, longing for his return. I would encourage you to finish by reading this second post from David Perry.

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