Gardening together

I belong to a house group made up of friends from lots of different churches – we meet up each week to chat, catch up, read the Bible and pray. Today, we have begun a new venture together. We have taken on a full size allotment, and seven of us will garden it together, with the aim of providing ourselves with all the vegetables we need.
Four of us went to look at it and then I signed up for it today:

Doesn’t look much at the moment does it? But its not as bad as it looks. Hidden amongst the grass are plots, so with some strimming and some weeding, and plastic laid over the plots till the sprig, we will be set for the growing season. I’m so excited – it feels like a real gift from God – some people wait years for an allotment, we have waited a few months. My friends are excited too – it will be so nice to extend the borders of out little community. I will of course, blog our progress.


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