The true spirit of Christmas gifts

Every year I struggle. Christmas, that beautiful season of light and warmth, signifying Gods most precious gift to people, is ruined by the mad rush to buy buy buy – bigger, better, more… all wrapped up in cheap holiday paper.
This year my family have decided that since none of us have any money, we are not going to buy expensive presents with money we don’t have. 
I feel our lack of dosh is a real blessing. It has freed us from the buy it all vicious circle and now we are all free to go think of something more interesting.

Plus there’s things to put on the tree – I’m going to make some mini lavender stockings using felt and some lavender from the peoples garden.
And I’m going to make cake, and join in with mum to make nice things for Christmas day, and where I do buy stuff, part of it will be from Present Aid.

Suddenly I feel all Christmassy again 😀


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