Twenty Four Seasons of the Heart – 9 & 10

Christmas on the Champs-ÉlyséesImage by Stuck in Customs via Flickr
Kelly wasn’t sure about organising this photography exhibition. Adam had caught her in the local shop, knowing her reputation as a community artist and had pleaded ignorance and a desperate need for help. She had spent the last five years resolutely avoiding churches, but Adam and his wife had been so helpful when she had moved in.
Kelly had thought they were just typical Christian do -gooders to begin with but she had found genuine friendship with them both and had been able to forgive them their tireless religious optimism. so she had found herself not only agreeing to organise the event but also to turn up and host the evening as well.
Kelly stood in the church half an hour before the opening of the exhibition finding herself in the surprising place of not only being comfortable there, but also able to speak to Adam and Clare’s pastor without feeling the old bitter resentment rising.
John turned up at the exhibition a little early to find Adam in conversation with his pastor Jack, who he had met once before, and a woman he didn’t know. Adam introduced him to what turned out to be the organiser and community artist, Kelly. He was a little over awed, making noises about the amateur nature of his photographs.
“Actually” Kelly said, “I really liked your contribution, you have a good sense of light and mood.”
“see” Adam chipped in “I told you they were good”.

“From your vast art knowledge”John replied laughing, but feeling the glow of pride all the same.

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