Passing on hope

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When i was in my late teens, life got the better of me, and for a while, the world seemed very grey. During that time, a friend of the family became my spiritual guide. I am forever indebted to her and to God for bringing her into my life. This year I have seen a number of people both family and at work suffer the tragedy of loss, and have to endure their own dark valley. So for them, and any of you who walk in darkness for whatever reason,  thought I would publish what my spiritual hero wrote for me, some 18 years ago:

“The Horror of a Great Darkness”  Gen 15:12 AV
By Nora Scott

“The horror of a great darkness”
We fear insecurity,
We fear the loss of foothold,
Of being swept away

We fear bewildered lostness
In a hostile world
When we no longer control
The way we go and act.

But Abrahams fear
Was less in this
Than in awareness
Of God encompassing him,

That he was swept along
In the current of God’s
Loving purpose and care,
Leading him ever onward

It was out of darkness        Gen 1:2
That the world began,
Creation was spun
In dense night.

We too meet you in darkness
It has ever been so.
“Moses approached the dark cloud     Ex 20:21
Where God was”.

As god spoke to him
Face to face
And showed his will
For his people.

“The lord spoke to him
In a great voice
Out of the fire, the cloud
The thick mist”

Amos told a complacent people
That the coming of the lord
Would be darkness and not light
A judgement on their hypocrisy.

Isaiah said –
“The people who walked in darkness
Have seen a great light
Light has dawned on them
Dwellers in a land as dark as death”

In the darkness of
Political instability
God had broken through
To bring joy and hope

Paul, lost in the darkness
Of spiritual blindness
Saw the light of God’s truth.
His healing brought joy and hope to many.

Jesus is God’s light
Breaking in and shoaring up
The darkness, the lostness
In our souls

In his light we are sifted.
We may shrink in fear,
Or turn away in pride
And shut our eyes to its revelation

May we have the fear
That Abraham felt,
That Moses felt
As we are caught in humble fear.

We all have some darkness
Deeply hidden in our souls
To grow close to God
We must see it in its nakedness

We must submit in
Humble joy to his hand
Moulding us, leading us on
To greater depths of oneness.

It is out of the darkness
Of crucifixion                   Mk 15:35
That a great light dawns
On faithful people.

Jesus submitted himself.
As we submit ourselves
He bears us up in storms
That threaten to engulf us

Some Lord have a deeper
Darkness to endure
As they bear their own
And the evil that surrounds them.

But all can know
The guiding, healing strength
As we trust ourselves
To Gods loving kindness.

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