Twenty Four Seasons of the Heart – 7 & 8

Snape Maltings, Snape SuffolkImage by amandabhslater via Flickr
Two years after she had buried Mark, Kelly’s life took its first major turn towards recovery. she took a chance, selling their plush London flat she moved to Framlingham, buying a 17th century cottage which gave room for her studio and a reasonable journey to work in Snape. 
Her new community arts work gave Kelly purpose and time to work out her grief though her own private art. She found Suffolk friendly enough although it took a couple of months for people not to stop and look at her when she visited her local pub for Sunday lunch.
Kelly found that after eighteen months she was settled enough to embark on a bigger project and so six months after its inception “nature, spirituality and hope” opened its exhibition doors at Snape Maltings.
As she stood watching the young people explain their work to visitors, it brought back so many memories of other even, exhibitions; she felt the sharp pain of grief, but this was her new life and as she walked round, the  hurt was replaced by hope flooding in.
The five years since his sports science degree had been fairly straight forward for John. a years PGCE had been followed by two years teaching in London and then a change of scene to a high school in Suffolk – a little more sleepy, but at least in this school he didn’t get sports equipment or chairs thrown at him.
John found his personal life settling down too, Suffolk running fixtures and on his new hobby photography.
And who wouldn’t want to take photos in Suffolk, the light was amazing, no wonder Constable had spent so much time painting here.

He was looking forward to taking his latest photos to a little church in Framlingham – he wasn’t overly wowed by Adams connection to the community church, but he had proved a good runner and had helped John get into cross country running. so as he looked over the Ipswich Marina from his flat, one of his own photos on the wall and his first place medal for the Bungay marathon in the drawer, John felt life was more complete than it had been in a long time.

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