And then I don’t feel so bad.

Mary Poppins knew a thing or two. She may have been a psychologist in disguise. Or perhaps common sense is more valuable than we think.
You know how it is, something goes wrong, someone is mean or unreasonable with you and then it goes right ahead and ruins your day… your week… your life? All sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it, but that is what happens when we are unable to let go, move on or forgive.
Its why forgiveness and being forgiven are linked. Jesus teaches us to pray in  Matthew 6:9-13  and then goes on to say:
  “If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.
The point is, if our hearts are full of unforgiveness, our hands full of anger, what room is there for our own forgiveness – we open our hands in love, and then there is room for Gods love upon us.
which is all very well, but what if you are right in the middle of it, what of someone is being unreasonable towards you now, not in the past? What if the hurt they are causing you is ongoing?
It does depend what is happening. If you are being abused, leave. Remove yourself from the person completely, find safe people, even if the only safe people you can find is the police.
but what about less extreme circumstances? A family argument, an unreasonable boss or colleague? It seems to me there are two courses of action to take.
One – pray.
Yes i know it sounds cheesy or maybe hopeless if you have been praying and nothing has changed, but keep on keeping on because Jesus teaches us that our heavenly father will not withhold himself from us and that if we are faithful in prayer we will receive –  Luke 11:11-13

Two – focus on something else
This is where Mary Poppins has something to say. (Actually so does the bible, it says in Philippians 4:8)
It may seem the ultimate cheese, but Mary Poppins also sang it, and it cheers me up every time:
They are all such simple things. not flashy, no dreams of a life with the perfect job or a scenario where we are the ultimate winner, just ordinary small pleasures in the life we have.
Hard times can suck out the joy from our hearts, and in such times it is our job to search for small pleasures.

Brown paper packages tied up with strings might not do it for you, but a cup of tea in the back yard watching a spider do its thing might.

Or perhaps a friends good news, or baking a few cakes for your family or an impulse donation to charity or… anything true, noble, pure, right or lovely that you can cram in your life.

So that when the dog bites you don’t feel so bad.
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