Twenty Four Seasons of the Heart – 3 & 4

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University was everything Kelly had hoped for; the expressive arts course, some much overdue freedom and although she hadn’t found a church, there was a decent Christan Union. Thankfully everyone had loved the express your faith event she had run and now all the art work was displayed in the college chapel.
No time to look at it tonight though, a friend of a friends birthday night out was calling. As her housemates drank pre-party wine, Kelly finished her make up and they were all ready to go.
The night went so fast, she never did meet the birthday boy, but she did meet Mark and he filled her memories of the evening.
The next few months of romance turned into the steady glow of love as Mark and Kelly became soul mates; him proposing in the middle of their finals and her – accepting.
It had been sports science or bust and thankfully John found his brain worked as well as his legs, so three A’s, a set of kitchen stuff and a years savings from his part time job later, John had started university.
His first term had been difficult, he and Ali had thought going to the same uni would solve all sorts of problems but they had found it hard starting a new life while keeping their relationship together. Things finally settled down when they decided some time apart would help, so John had joined the uni running club and Ali, still flirting with Christianity had joined the Christian Union.
John came back to halls having been dragged to an art exhibition by Ali, it had been ok, some of the stuff quite engrossing, but more pressing was his birthday night out.
He loved the pub the had settled on, cheap beer, great food and plenty of space, which was good as it looked like half the uni had turned up.

Ali had spied some of her C. U. friends, John had never met them, but he wasn’t fussed, he had another pint bought by a mate in his hand and he knew uni life would be good.

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