Bible thoughts – Matthew 6:19-34

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Here we are at the end of Matthew chapter 6 – Matthew 6:19-34 and we find more on where we choose to live our lives. It is the battle of the mind. Will be choose to focus on everyday needs, on the thing we think will make our lives happier? On the miseries that don’t?
Or will we stop and raise our eyes, our hearts, our lives to heaven? Its all a matter of perspective. Jesus says Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be. So surely if our desire if for Him, then that’s where our treasure will be – and all the rest will no longer be a burden to us:
The world said
You are not who you say you are
You have died a criminals death
But he says: it was my life to lay down and it’s my life to take back up.

The world says
What has god ever done for us?
But he says
Look how far out I was prepared to push
The boat out for you

The world says
I can make it on my own
He says
That’s not what you were made for

And you wonder why you only ever
See glimpses of a half broken heaven
Instead of the perfect glory
You were made for

We say
Look at all the mess
He says
Look instead at my
Forever loving
Deeply compassionate

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