#235 – Flashback

Snowflakes!Image by nutmeg66 via Flickr
I am eight,
the snow has fallen so thickly
it covers my world like
a duvet made of ice lollies
Where else would you find
my brother and I
running down the driveway
to the farm where we live.
Leaping into ditches full of snow
coming in the house
soaked to the skin
skin prickling back to life
And our mum
to the rescue

With warmth 
and love.

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19 thoughts on “#235 – Flashback

  1. Beautiful piece Alice – you have perfectly re-created how 'you' saw the snow as a child ('duvet of ice lollies' – just great) The language, the feeling, really brought me to that place. And the final line full of so much warmth..lovely..Jae

  2. Can feel this one and all that's missing is a ceramic mug of warm chocolate with mini marshmellows in it. But I could smell it in the warm love of your final line,Elizabeth

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