community allotment ideas

I didn’t go to the community garden today as I was off on other things. So today some information from other people. 
Fancy starting a community garden? (I would love to if ever the opportunity arises). 
The National Society of Allotment and leisure gardeners has something I was not aware of in their FAQS and breathes hope in to the gardening part of my soul:
Did you know?
All councils in England & Wales (with the exception of inner London) have to, by law, provide allotments? Any group of adults over the age of 18 and registered on the electoral roll can group together to request the council provide.

If your nearest site is not owned by the local authority, try: The contact details at the entrance to the allotment site or speak to a plot holder or visit your local library for details of local allotment associations or contact us – NSALG on 01536 266576 or

Q2) There are no allotments in my area, what can I do?

Find five like minded people who would like an allotment and are registered council tax payers.  Then individually and collectively, submit a formal letter to the local council.  Send one (you can put all six letters in one envelope) by recorded delivery and one hand delivered, with at least two witnesses present.  All local authorities have a mandatory obligation to provide allotment provision.  By downloading the attached we have provided you with background information on the legislation and a form of application for an allotment letter.
Brilliant! and if you are a bit stuck on how to get going once you have a plot, how about the advice from the American community gardening association (  Or if you want some inspiration from the UK how about the garden project i volunteer at:

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