More on learning styles

I have an interesting time in meetings with one of my bosses. It mainly comes down to my boss and I speaking different “languages”.
So often one of us will say something and the other will think we mean something completely different and it takes us a while to untangle it. We always do, but why does this happen?
It is all about the way we view the world and more importantly the way we interact with it.  Our “learning style” makes such a difference to how we approach things. 
For example, I’m very much a mind map kind of person where as my colleague is very much a list person. My mind looks like this:
And her mind looks like this:

As you can imagine, both of these approaches to the world are well documented, and it means when you work, you can choose how you do it. 

Recently I have been thinking about work and where it might be appropriate to look for outside funding. I did the the work using the online version of Inspiration: Webspiration

It is particularly useful if your way of working is similar to mine – take a look!

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