Twenty Four Seasons of the Heart – 1 & 2

All Kelly’s friends went to the youth service. The songs always lifted her, washed away the weeks grime of school, friendship politics and parents. She thought the youth worker going on about personal study of God’s word was a bit much as he knew how much homework they all had. All the same, he was cool and she knew God was good, he helped her and her friends so much.
Kelly had seen healing that summer and now all fired up she and the others had taken over the running of the 6th form Christan union and with it this outreach event. Suddenly she was grateful to her mother for bringing her to church from a child, for taking her to stuff now. As she looked around seeing secular friends singing songs about god, she knew all the hard work had been worth it.

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Ali was getting on Johns nerves. You would think that after six months of dating she would know how important this race was for him. all through the summer John had been running in the heat and now here he was at the beginning of October, ready for the half marathon, but all Ali wanted to know was what colour suit he was going to wear for the 6th form Christmas ball – it was ridiculous. At least she wasn’t as mad as those Christian friends of hers, lately they had been trying to get him to go to their “seeker” event but there was no way – Ali was on her own for that.
The seeker event came and went, thankfully Ali had seen sense and although still friends with the Christians, was back on track – literally as they arrived at the sports field half an hour before the beginning of his race.

As John completed, tearing through the finish ribbon, every muscle in his body screaming, he knew it didn’t get much better than this; so perhaps it was time to consider the colour of his suit. 

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One thought on “Twenty Four Seasons of the Heart – 1 & 2

  1. What a curiously interesting piece. I liked how the teenagers' self interest could nearly ruin the relationship. More important is the truth that opposites often attract and deep down there is hope for us all.

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