Learning styles and youth group

Sometimes enabling young people to participate in learning outside of  school can be hard work. For a start they have just spent all day learning and quite often just want to relax, but also everyone learns differently. What do you do when you have young people who need to be doing to learn and young people who would just like to sit and discuss?
A bit of relaxation through games or in the case of our Monday night group – guitar hero – is a great start and then its down to knowing your groups learning styles. There’s load on the net about it, for example here: 
 My Monday night group has been quite restless, as we have been trying to have chill out time followed by a question, Bible reading then discussion. It just doesn’t do it for them. So this week we got into teams and they had a visual/kinasthetic task to go with each bit of Bible and discussion – it was just enough to lift them and not only did they leave with a plant to grow and cake eaten… we also had a great discussion on what it means to be a follower of Jesus, why you would want to be – and how to go about it.

I went home a happy youth worker.

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