six sentances – how I met my husband

The White Rabbit from the Alice Adventures in ...Image via Wikipedia
Even on my wedding day I was surprised to find myself, the bride.

I’d been single for so long, that and a wreck of a previous relationship, I genuinely thought it had all passed me by, i wasnt even looking.

Then dressed as the white rabbit from Alice in wonderland at a friends 30th barn dance fancy dress party I met you.

Dressed in black (we covered you in glitter) having not even planned to come, eleven years my junior, i think we were both surprised to notice each other.

I panicked at the age gap, you said it would be fine, nine weeks later you proposed and i panicked again – once again you said it would be fine and you were right.

As we approach our second wedding anniversary i know I love you more every day, deeper, wider, more fulfilled than even on the day i walked up the isle to Jerry C’s cannon rock.

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