Practicing Haiku

Visual HaikuImage by melolou via Flickr
Haiku is an interesting form of poetry. I find it a completely different challenge to the kind of poetry I normally write, which consists of keep writing till its all on the paper.
Haiku is more of a construction, a jigsaw puzzle until the idea fits the form. and it is building my vocab on the way.
I am steadily adding to my words in each seasonal box, and how many syllables is helping me keep my structure on the straight
and narrow.
So, some seasonal Haiku for you:
Green grass, dew settling
New leaf and bud unfurling
Plucky lambs skipping.
Hot sand under foot
Lazy holiday dreaming
Frozen yoghurt slurped.
Calm evening light
Friends gather, happy chatter
Cool breeze circles round.
Needle sharp, rain bites
Head down, strong coat defending
A warm fire awaits.
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