Bible thoughts – Matthew 5:21-48

Its all about the outside versus the inside.  Outward “holiness” versus behaviour born of heart change. In these verses Jesus sets out what the posture of our hearts should be, and the corresponding actions taken as we listen to the spirit of the law, not just its letter.

Hence we are called to abandon…
  • Not only murder, but also harbouring anger in our hearts.
  • Not only the act of cheating on our partners but also the lustful look or thoughts towards another.
We are called to take hold of…
  • Not only the legal part of marriage, but also a heart commitment through thick and thin.
  • Not just a contract keeping our word, but simply doing what we say we will.
  • Not just wanting “justice” done, but also a true commitment to forgiveness.
  • Not just being good to our friends, but also loving as God loves.

So Jesus calls us to heart change demonstrated in active peace making, true commitment, honest speech, forgiveness and love lived out in action.

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