Bible thoughts – Matthew 5:1-16

The description Jesus gives in this passage of the faithful, blessed follower of God is surely opposite to our consumer led society. Who is truly humble before God, by prioritising His wishes? Which of us hunger for justice rather than demand our own way? And we wonder why we are never satisfied.
It must be that our job in this age is to embark on the long journey of becoming pure in heart, looking outward to what God wants rather than inward, cluttering up our own hearts with the impurities of me myself and I.
Its worth noting that when the Bible says “heart” we can read: mind will and emotions. Our heart-posture is the very course we choose to take in life. Which makes sense of the salt and light comments Jesus makes next.
Do we loose our saltiness by clogging up our mind-will-emotions with what we think we deserve in life? Are we hiding our talents by not using them for Gods purposes? What could be more beautiful than choosing mercy and peace-making in both our personal and work relationships?

Perhaps that is what causes a humble and pure heart and the ability to see God everywhere and in every situation.

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